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Repairs And Services Rendered

Propeller removal and installation is what we do best!  No matter how big or small, we can fly anywhere in the world to take care of your underwater propeller needs.  We have invested countless time building our tooling to adapt to any setup your propellers may have!  We have removed propellers on yachts over 200 feet and we will deliver your set to a propeller shop of your choice.  If you are looking for a new set, we can get you pricing and availability for any propellers. Call us today for a quote or to set up an inspection.  

We have the equipment to handle any shape or sized propeller.  Above you will see one of our propeller jobs being set up and bagged in order to float the propellers to the surface.  Once pulled, it allows for the propellers to be maneuvered along the surface so that the hoist or davit can load them onto our truck.

        Propeller Removal


From time to time, even the best captains in the industry damage their running gear. It could've been anything from a floating object to a submerged piling.  When the day comes that you have run ground, or damaged your propellers, we will make it as painless as possible to get them repaired.  Dr Zinc will come to the location of the vessel, remove the propellers, and deliver them to a shop of your choice.  If you are from out of town, we can recommend a shop to use as well.  

        Propeller Installation

Once the propellers have been repaired, we will pick them up and re-install them on your vessel.  Most of the shops in South Florida work with Dr Zinc and we can bill you direct for the reconditioning so that there is only one bill to pay.  A quote for your propellers can be provided prior to the work being done so that everyone is on the same page.  Once the propellers have been completed, we will get you on your way. During the instllation of the propellers, we will check to make sure that all of the gear fits including nuts and keys.

       Other Services Offered

Regular checks and balances on your running gear can help your vessel's life in the long run.  We can inspect your gear underwater, or set up a yearly maintenance plan to have the propellers brought in for a check up.  We can also have the propellers coated in an anti-fouling paint to deter growth on your gear.  Regular maintenance should still be administered, but these products will help in the entire process.  We can also dive for salvage or lost items.  If you lost even the smallest of jewelry, call Dr Zinc and we will dig it up!

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