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Maintenance Programs 

Dr Zinc Diving offers maintenance programs from weekly to bi-monthly for bottom cleanings and zinc anode replacement. Whether your vessel is behind your home, or located in a marina during its down time, Dr Zinc can keep the bottom clean to maximize your vessel's performance.  Growth on your hull, running gear, thru hulls, or trim tabs can reduce RPM and increase fuel consumption during a trip on the water.  Call us today to schedule a cleaning and start lengthening your engine life.

        Bottom Cleanings


From the waterline, to the bottom of the keel, Dr Zinc diving will keep your vessel running efficiently.  Cleaning of your rudders, propellers, trim tabs, bow thrusters, and trim tabs are included in your cleaning service provided by our team.  

Don't wait too long after a haul out to start your prevention of growth on your vessel. Once the surface is clean, it is much easier to maintain and your performance will not suffer.   Call us today for a free inspection and start your scheduled cleaning service!

        Zinc Replacements

Our trucks carry a large inventory of zinc anodes for any style, make, or model of vessel.  If for any reason, your vessel has custom made zincs, Dr Zinc Diving will source or duplicate those zincs to accomodate your vessel's needs.  


Zinc on your vessel is crucial in preserving the life of your running gear.  If your vessel is not properly zinc'd, your propellers, shafting, and any metal surface can corrode with electrolysis leaving you with a problem. Replacing these sacrificial anodes will prevent you from having to replace the expensive running gear before its time.

       Propeller Inspections

During your scheduled bottom cleaning or zinc replacement, our team can inspect your running gear and give you a report on what your vessel looks like under the waterline. Whether you are suffering from performance issues, or you just haven't had the vessel hauled in a long period of time, we can inspect your running gear for you.  

Regular propeller maintenance should be done as a minor bend or tracking issue can result in creating vibration or other issues with performance.  We can deliver the propellers to a local shop of your choice free of charge.

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